Black Pink’s Jennie will be revisiting ‘Running Man’ as a ‘vacation goddess’

Black Pink‘s Jennie will be revisiting ‘Running Man‘ as a ‘vacation goddess’

When Jennie appeared on a July episode of ‘Running Man’, her unlikely partnership with Lee Kwang Soo entertained viewers as she joked, “It’s time for Yang Hyun Suk boss to give us permission,” and “Kwang Soo Oppa, let’s have a drink!” The Black Pink member will be returning on this week’s episode with even more aegyo for Lee Kwang Soo and the ‘Running Man’ cast.

‘Running Man’ producers are saying she managed to melt everyone’s hearts by the cool poolside.

Jennie’s episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man’ airs on August 12 at 4:50PM KST


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