Who are the Top 5 most popular Korean celebrities in China?

Korean celebrities have a worldwide appeal. One of the biggest hosts of the ‘Hallyu’ or ‘Korean Wave’ is China. HI CHINA released who the top 5 most popular Korean celebrities in China are this week!

Check out the list below!


#5 Park Si Hoo


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This handsome actor’s enormous popularity in China is mostly thanks to the hit drama, ‘The Princess’ Man’, which he starred in.



#4 Jungkook (BTS) 


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BTS’s maknae enters the list for this week, but not just for his looks but also for his charisma on stage and his voice. Also, his homemade videos GCF gained a lot of attention in China.


#3 V (BTS)

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Another BTS member, but this time the BTs member is also the most handsome face of 2017! In addition, V’s BT21 character, TaTa, is incredibly popular in China!



#2 Jimin (BTS)

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The 3rd BTS member on the list, Jimin is popular in China due to his “flower boy” looks and his amazing dance ability!


#1 Hwang Chi Yeol


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The most popular celebrity this week according to HI CHINA apparently he gained popularity after he performed on ‘I Am a Singer’ and showed his magical singing ability. Congrats Hwang Chi Yeol!


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