Male idols no longer able to delay military enlistment to age 30

Korea’s mandatory Military enlistment can no longer be delayed till the age of 30.
A new military law has been put in place and will start taking effect this month. From the start of this month the maximum age that a Korena male can delay his mandatory service has been cut down from 30 down to 28.
This now means that Korean males who are aged 28 or over can no longer delay their enlistment for reasons such as graduate school, overlap in enlistment period with a sibling, study for public certification, and ambassador promotions.


The new law also includes travel limitations. Korean males aged between 25-27 are only permitted to engage in five international travels, each travel has a maximum period of 6 months.
In Korean entertainment, this means celebrities born in the year 1989 and 1990 must put their enlistment this year.
Here are some of the idols that fall into this category:
SHINee‘s Onew
BTOB‘s Eunkwang
Highlight‘s DoojoonJunhyungYoseobKikwang
EXO‘s Xiumin
Big Bang‘s Seungri.
Stay tuned for updates on these new effects.

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