Koreans criticise CUBE Entertainment for the mistreatment of PENTAGON’s E’DAWN!

After the dating news of Pentagon’s E’dawn and Hyuna, some netizens have demanded the removal of E’dawn from the group as well as their activities.


As a possible result of these demands, Cube Entertainment confirmed that E’dawn will not be present during Pentagon’s inauguration ceremony as well as promotional activities in Japan.

Here is the statement Cube released:


This is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that a few of the members will not be able to attend the ‘UNIBIRTHDAY’ (PENTAGON’s PRIVATE CLASS) that will take place on August 11.

Due to E’Dawn’s internal affairs and YanAn’s unchangeable schedules, they will not be able to attend the inauguration ceremony.

We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to all the fans who have waited for this event, and we ask for your deep understanding.

Thank you.

In light of these statements, Korean netizens have expressed their disappointment in the way Cube has handled the situation.


  • “The agency is making their artist get criticized more let alone protecting them.”
  • “The company is not doing their job right…They need to stay strong but they’re acting like they made a big mistake. They’re young so it’s more than understandable that they are dating. It’s not like they went on drugs or something. It almost seems like they’re trying to stir the pot here.”
  • “At first I thought it was E’Dawn running away but it’s not clear that the company is dealing with the situation through excessive control. Why are they making the idols hide? They said they wanted to be honest and confident.”


What do you think of the situation? An overreaction on Cube’s behalf or justified?

Comment your thoughts below!


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