Fans becoming suspicious of idol dating… accuse DIA’s Eunchae and UP10TION’s Xiao of dating secretly


After last week’s dating scandals including HyunA & Pentagon‘s E’Dawn, Pentagon’s Hui & (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin, etc, netizens are becoming increasingly suspicious of idols who may be “dating among themselves”.

One netizen on an online community most recently accused DIA‘s Eunchae and UP10TION‘s Xiao of dating, based on “evidence” presented below. The netizen also noted that the two idols probably met at Hanlim Multi Art School, where they both graduated in the same class.
The netizen claimed that Xiao continuously used the hashtag #goodnight during DIA’s “Good Night” promotions last year.

The netizen also argued that the photo of a set of piglet dolls uploaded by Xiao were same as ones seen in Eunchae’s room.

Netizens comments about the accusations ranged from “The only ‘evidence’ you have is a hashtag..?”“A lot of idols have piglet dolls though”, to some which said, “Even if you’re dating, plz keep it a secret”“If they really are dating then, why do they have to do that on SNS meant to communicate with fans? Poor fans”“You’re not even famous and you’re doing that… must be the reason why you’re not famous”, “Do you people want to become the next Pentagon and CLC, and more. Meanwhile, some DIA fans accused the original poster of slandering DIA’s name right before their comeback, etc.

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