The Rookie Boy group from ALL-S Entertainment made their fiery debut yesterday! Now in a recent interview, they state their plan to take the world by storm like fellow boy group BTS

D-CRUNCH (디크런치) (also known as Diamond Crunch) is a 9 member hip-hop group under All-S Company.

The group members currently consist of  HyunhoHyunwookO.VHyunohHyunwooMinhyukChanyoungDylan and Jeongseung.


Yesterday The boy group made their debut with their song ‘Palace’ even before their debut they boys gained a lot of attention as their CEO has produced popular groups such as ‘Girls Day’.

D-Crunch held a debut showcase, and leader Hyunwoo named BTS as the group’s role model continuing to explain that “We’re making our debut as a hip-hop idol. Our role model is BTS sunbaenim. They debuted as a hip-hop idol first and they’ve become a very admirable artist.” 
He then added, “I personally really like j-hope sunbaenim. He’s good at dancing and rapping. His facial expressions showing his enjoyment of the stage was very impressive.”
Hyunwook also sharing,  “We have a big ambitious goal of taking #1 on ‘Billboard Hot 100’. We believe it’s important to grow one by one from a small stage, so it’s our current goal to just enter the charts. We want to become an artist that grows.” 

Check out their Debut song below!!


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