Fan’s want E’Dawn removed from pentagon?

Some fans of Pentagon may be asking for the removal of E’Dawn from Pentagon.

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Yesterday photos of screencaps from Pentagon’s official fan café began to spread online among groups of fans. Written in Korean, many messages with the same title ‘[Feedback Request] We demand feedback from Cube Entertainment and Kim Hyo Jong (E’Dawn)’ filled the cafe’s forum,
Each uploaded by a different fan.


According to the translations based on the café posts, these ‘Universe’ members (Pentagon;s fan club) are requesting compensation for the apparent “mental and ‘Financial” damage that have been caused by Hyuna and E’dawn. As it was recently announced that the two have been dating in secret for the past 2 years, these fans are demanding that Universe must be equally compensated for being misled for so long.


Other points from the fans are requests for details leading up to Universe’s first opening ceremony; fan’s writing “Will you issue a cancellation notice on the morning of the same day, like the Triple H fan signing?” Some fans are even asking for reimbursement with plans to cancel their ticketing.

Finally fans are asking for E’dawn to be removed from their official fan café, their argument being that E’dawn was “deceiving team and members”. About this many netizens explained that thye would of liked to know whether E’Dawn “received consent from all the other members of Pentagon”, which might change some perspectives.
As with many similar cases, it is appeared that these ideas have split up the fandom, while some fans express that these measures have “gone too far”, others trying to express the issue for international fans on twitter explaining an describing each point. Mainly, it seems that most fans have an issue with the Pentagon members lack of willingness to confront and communicate with his fans, while Hyuna has already done via her instagram.

What do you think of this issue?

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